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A curriculum designed to help CXOs, founders, and leaders become effective public speakers who can persuade big crowds of listeners.  

As CXOs, Founders, Social Entrepreneurs, you are your company’s most influential brand ambassador. And along with this position comes the responsibility of delivering impactful speeches. You will be called upon to give lectures and talks in front of seasoned investors, a room full of board members during a crisis, at prestigious conferences or even on renowned platforms like TED Talks.

As a result, any leader who wants to convince the audience in their favour must master the art of public speaking or oratory. Your ability to deliver stirring and memorable speeches will maintain your business in good standing and raise the value of its brand.

Why enrol for the CXO programme?


The Keynote public speaking programme by SoME helps enhance your executive presence, allowing you to project confidence and authority. Our Keynote Programme also provides a platform for CXOs to amplify thought leadership, articulate unique perspectives, and establishes them as industry influencers.

Refined speaking style, body language, and vocal delivery, allows CXOs to establish a commanding presence on stage. Effective public speaking enables CXOs to engage and connect with stakeholders, influencing decision-making and building relationships. It also helps CXOs inspire and motivate teams, handle crises, and leverage speaking opportunities for increased visibility and business growth.

Who Should Attend this Programme?


Keynote is an exclusive oratory programme designed by SoME in collaboration with AMSOM, Ahmedabad University, for

  • CXOs, CEOs, COOs, and C-Suite level members
  • Startup founders, Heads of leadership teams (India) offices of MNCs
  • Founders/Heads of NGOs with operations of at least 3 years and 25 or more employees
  • Social influencers, sports personalities, celebrities, and authors who aspire to become professional orators to motivate and inspire others
  • Senior leaders of political parties who are constantly asked to give speeches in front of a huge audience, campaigning for their parties,
  • Aspiring speechwriters who wish to pursue a career in professional speechwriting for industry leaders
  • VCs and investors who work with large groups of entrepreneurs
  • Academic heads of institutions (schools, colleges, universities) like Deans, Directors

To see if you are eligible, please download our brochure, or get in touch with us at [email protected]

Guides for this programme:

Col M K Mandanna (Retd)
Col M K Mandanna (Retd)
Lead Guide

Col M K Mandanna (Retd.), SM, is an Army veteran with 33 years of service. He is an alumnus of the National Defense Academy and Indian Military Academy. He got commissioned into the famous Rajputana Rifles Regiment, served in Sri Lanka as part of IPKF and commanded his unit at the Line of Control with Pakistan during the early days of the Kashmir issue. As a Guide, Col Mandanna uses his experience in the army and the corporate sector to mentor executives in communication and leadership skills.

Dr Rakesh Godhwani
Dr Rakesh Godhwani
Founder & CEO

Dr Rakesh Godhwani is the founder of the School of Meaningful Experiences. He coaches entrepreneurs, promising startups, senior managers in the industry and is an adjunct faculty at IIMB. Rakesh had worked in Wipro, Intel and Qualcomm in various profiles - product marketing, sales and business development - before he took the plunge to pursue his passion for teaching and writing.

Ashok Mirchandani
Ashok Mirchandani

Ashok has over four decades of experience leading key business positions in Indian and multinational operations in a range of companies. In his last executive position before retirement, for several years, he was the Managing Director – Asia Pacific at Carrier Transicold, a business unit of Carrier Corporation. He is an Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta Alumnus.

Is this a fully online programme?

No, the programme is delivered in a blended mode - about 20 % (180 minutes) is done online, and the rest will be immersive at the historical Ahmedabad University campus.  

Can I skip the online sessions and just attend the session at Ahmedabad University?

No, the programme takes place in steps, and it is imperative to complete the first two steps - synchronous and asynchronous classes - before participating in the final session at the University. Therefore, certificates are provided only if the learner has completed all 3 steps of the programme.  

Who will be leading the sessions?

The programme will be delivered by the faculty of Ahmedabad University and SoME. You can read more about SoME's Guides - Army and Industry veterans - and Communication experts on our About Us page.  

What if I am not elibigle for this programme?

If you are not eligible for the programme but would like to enrol in a communication course, please check out our other Programmes for Professionals and Mid-Managers. If you are still unsure and would like to clarify some doubts, please write to us at [email protected], and we will get in touch with you.   

Musthafa PC, CEO iD Fresh Food

Communication is at the core of effective leadership. As a leader, I strongly believe clear communication coupled with confidence is paramount to influence and inspire the team.

SoME has not just helped me be a better communicator, but also a better storyteller and augmented my curiosity and confidence levels. 

Ramgopal Subramani, CSO Perfios

Working with Rakesh and his team from the School of Meaningful Experiences personally was a wonderful transformative experience. The significance of clarity and confidence in communication has helped me be a better leader.

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Programme highlights

This programme is designed to empower CXOs/Company founders to become better keynote speakers and panellists in the following settings.


  • Internal townhall, all-hands employee meetings.
  • Investor meetings and board meetings.
  • Panel discussions and fire-side chats at conferences and forums.
  • Global events like TED, WEF summits.
  • Commencement addresses in various colleges/universities.
  • Podcasts and media conversations.
  • Paid speakership assignments in corporate seminars and industry events.
  • Management Literature Fests.
  • Motivational summits.
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