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Managers are the backbone of the corporate machinery. They nourish fresh ideas, ensure the ordered flow of communication, maintain the company's health, and allow the percolation of next-generation ideas into existing strong foundations. Despite their contributions, they may feel undervalued, unappreciated, and stagnated in their careers. 

SoME’s Programme for Managers with 5+ years of work experience (formerly the Competent Leaders Programme) will enable you to reinvent yourself as a powerful communicator. It will empower you to funnel information efficiently between teams and external clients, articulate your messages strongly, defuse potentially explosive situations, and adopt multiple communication styles to handle diverse individuals. 

Importantly, you will unplug bottlenecks, facilitate strong team-building, and manage time efficiently. Your competence, strategising and networking skills will shine a new light on your leadership capabilities and position you as tomorrow’s industry titan.


Guides for this programme:

Col M K Mandanna (Retd)
Col M K Mandanna (Retd)
Lead Guide

Col M K Mandanna (Retd.), SM, is an Army veteran with 33 years of service. He is an alumnus of the National Defense Academy and Indian Military Academy. He got commissioned into the famous Rajputana Rifles Regiment, served in Sri Lanka as part of IPKF and commanded his unit at the Line of Control with Pakistan during the early days of the Kashmir issue. As a Guide, Col Mandanna uses his experience in the army and the corporate sector to mentor executives in communication and leadership skills.

Dr Rakesh Godhwani
Dr Rakesh Godhwani
Founder & CEO

Dr Rakesh Godhwani is the founder of the School of Meaningful Experiences. He coaches entrepreneurs, promising startups, senior managers in the industry and is an adjunct faculty at IIMB. Rakesh had worked in Wipro, Intel and Qualcomm in various profiles - product marketing, sales and business development - before he took the plunge to pursue his passion for teaching and writing.

Where and when will these sessions take place?

These sessions are completely online and mostly take place over the weekend. The classes can last anywhere between an hour to one and a half hours. Your course materials, videos, and interesting quizzes will be available on our Learning Management System (LMS). You will also be requested to undertake some coursework by our Guides which will determine your progress through the levels. 

You will need a phone or computer with an active and stable internet connection to be able to join the video sessions.

How many learners are in a batch session?

We have two modes for engagement: Batch and Personalised.


Our Batch sessions have a maximum of 10 learners. Individual attention is given in feedback and in mentoring sessions with the learner periodically.

Our Personalised sessions are one on one with the instructor. You will get real-time feedback from our experts on your projects, and they will also answer all your queries. 


What is the eligibility for this programme?

If you have 7+ years of work experience and are looking to improve your Leadership Communication skills, then this programme is perfect for you! It will empower you to funnel information efficiently between teams and external clients, articulate your messages strongly, defuse potentially explosive situations, and adopt multiple communication styles to handle diverse individuals. The course is specially crafted, keeping in mind the unique challenges Mid-Managers face in the modern, post-pandemic workplace.

For more information, please go through the programme's main page. 

How long is the programme? Can I join in for one level?

This course is a 3-level programme, six sessions each. You can join for one level (6 weeks), and, based on your comfort level and requirements, move on to the other two levels. Though we encourage our learners to take all three levels to comprehend our frameworks fully, the number of levels, ultimately, is decided by you. Even if you take one level, our Guides will ensure you learn our core Communication and Confidence building strategies thoroughly and implement the same in your professional life. 

Who will be leading the sessions?

This programme is delivered by SoME Guides, with years of experience leading teams and companies worldwide. You can read more about our wonderful Guides - Army and Industry veterans - and Communication experts on our About Us and each specific programme page. 

Can I book a demo?

Yes, absolutely. Kindly click the Book a Demo button on the right side of the page and register for a session with one of our Guides. We look forward to connecting with you! 

Raj Parakh
Raj Parakh

The Level 1 of leadership course by SoME was one of the best experiential learning courses I have attended in a long time. The course focuses on improving communication skills for leaders and gives a very simple set of strategies and guiding principles to navigate the environment and increase their chances for success. It helped me realise how I should communicate with the relevant stakeholders to align them in favor of my success. In just six weeks I am more confident in my skills and am able to present my ideas and convince others of them. The cherry on top, I have also been appreciated on the communication and presentation skills that I groomed during the course. Thanks Rakesh and the SoME team for putting this together.

Petsy Mathew
Petsy Mathew

This year one of my major goals was to learn more about leadership and the skills needed to be a good leader.  As I was looking for good courses, I learned about the Competent Leaders Programme (CLP) from the School of Meaningful Experiences (SoME). Glad I  enrolled in this programme. The guides and mentors of SoME made this programme very relatable and practical. I love how the course was structured and how the feedback was shared with individual participants. The detailed assessments from the SoME guides were incredible. I was able to assess the areas that I needed to work on with the practical solutions to improve in those areas. Through this course, I built my soft skills on the Six Cs (Communication, Confidence, Creativity, Curiosity, Collaboration, and Competence). I highly recommend this course to anyone who would love to learn and gain expertise in these areas and are ready to take a plunge into leadership roles.

Communication Programme for Managers
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Programme highlights
  • 5+ years of work experience 
  • Completely online programme 
  • Live interactive sessions
  • Access to our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Learn SoME's unique Communication and Confidence building frameworks
  • Industry-specific case studies and personalised sessions with our Communication experts  
  • Special emphasis on team building, conflict resolution, and other essential leadership skills



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