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About the programme 

Strong, effective and confident Communication is the need of the hour for Professionals/Associates who have 3 to 5 years of work experience to overcome the unique workplace challenges they face today. The smooth flow of dialogue, precise messaging, and empathy form the pipeline to excellence. 

Our communication Programme for Professionals will empower you to overcome the fear of speaking in front of people, present yourself confidently, convince your higher management, and potential employers of your capabilities, make powerful pitches, resolve conflicts with teammates and influence change. 

The course will also enable you to chart your leadership journey allowing you to make smart business decisions, inspire teams, understand social dynamics at play, and manage divergent views.   

Guides for this programme:

Venu Ayyar
Venu Ayyar

Venu has been in the packaging industry for more than 35 years and is also a Visiting Faculty at the Indian Institute of Packaging, Chennai and SIES School of Packaging. He did his Post Graduate Diploma in Printing from JJ School of Arts. In his spare time, he loves reading Akbar and Birbal stories to his naughty but adorable one-year-old grandson.

Where and when will these sessions take place?

These sessions are completely online and mostly take place over the weekend. The classes can last anywhere between an hour to one and a half hours. Your course materials, videos, and interesting quizzes will be available on our Learning Management System (LMS). You will also be requested to undertake some coursework by our Guides which will determine your progress through the levels.  


You will need a phone or computer with an active and stable internet connection to be able to join the video sessions

How many learners are in a batch session?

We have two modes for engagement: Batch and Personalised.


Our Batch sessions have a maximum of 10 learners. Individual attention is given in feedback and in mentoring sessions with the learner periodically.

Our Personalised sessions are one on one with the instructor. You will get real-time feedback from our experts on your projects, and they will also answer all your queries. 

What is the eligibility for this programme?

If you have 4+ years of work experience and are looking to improve your communication skills, then this programme is perfect for you! The programme will empower you to speak confidently in front of your team and higher-ups, give strong presentations and learn robust collaboration skills. Our courses are specially crafted, keeping in mind the unique challenges professionals face in the modern, post-pandemic workplace.


For more information, please go through the programme's main page. 


How long is the programme? Can I join in for one level?

This course is a 3-level programme, six sessions each. You can join for one level (6 weeks), and, based on your comfort level and requirements, move on to the other two levels. Though we encourage our learners to take all three levels to comprehend our frameworks fully, the number of levels, ultimately, is decided by you. Even if you take one level, our Guides will ensure you learn our core Communication and Confidence building strategies thoroughly and implement the same in your professional life. 

Who will be leading the sessions?

This programme is delivered by SoME Guides, with years of experience leading teams and companies worldwide. You can read more about our wonderful Guides - Army and Industry veterans - and Communication experts on our About Us and each specific programme page.  

Can I book a demo class ?

Yes, absolutely. Kindly click the Book a Demo button on the right side of the page and register for a session with one of our Guides. We look forward to connecting with you! 

Avni Shah
Avni Shah

What I liked about the Programme was the individual attention and guidance that is useful in a practical sense. The mentors at SoME are friendly and firm, and I’ve gained a lot in these six weeks.  

R Strivathsav Ashwin
R Strivathsav Ashwin

The course (EPP) helped to structure my thoughts and deliver them in a very engaging way. The assignments were good, and the feedback provided was very insightful. The assignments were good, and the feedback provided was very insightful.

Reuban Daniel
Reuban Daniel

Thank you School of Meaningful Experiences for the valuable training on pitching, nurturing donor and volunteer relationships, as part of the NSRCEL pre-incubation programme. A very special thanks to Rakesh Godhwani, Sandya Karnad Deviah, and Sudha Rajesh from the School Of Meaningful Experiences, and NSRCEL for this amazing learning opportunity.

Jeetendra Lalwani: Team Dial4242
Jeetendra Lalwani: Team Dial4242

SoME is a new age school where anybody can rediscover the joy of learning and communicating effectively.
We were guided on effective ways of practical communication, negotiation skills and all the skills needed to reach out to investors, clients and business partners through effective communication.
It was a great experience associating with team SoME. A relationship which will stay forever. Thank you team SoME

Vishal kumar Kedia
Vishal kumar Kedia

I learned a lot from the course. Before this course I had a fear of speaking in front of others because of a lack of self confidence. After attending this course I have almost overcome this problem. The guides was very helpful and supportive.

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Programme highlights
  • 3+ years of work experience 
  • Completely online programme 
  • Live interactive sessions
  • Access to our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Learn SoME's unique Communication and Confidence building frameworks
  • Special emphasis on giving strong presentations, making an impact in team meetings, and learning better collaboration skills
  • Industry-specific case studies and personalised sessions with our Communication experts  
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Training 5 or more students?

Get your team access to the best guides anytime, anywhere.

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