How to measure success?

How To Measure Success: The Three Yard Sticks Of Success

Published On: 30th November 2022 | Updated On: 3rd December 2022

What exactly is success? You are the only one who can answer the above question. Because this is impossible, I am unable and unwilling to give the ultimate meaning of success. Everyone has a distinct perspective on how to be successful in life , hence there can't be a universal definition. It's critical that you understand how to define satisfaction in life! Make yourself aware of what success, accomplishment, and general prosperity mean to you in your life. Some people define success as possessing expensive automobiles and a large mansion, while others consider success to be living a life filled with love and happiness with their family. Knowing the meaning of success in your personal life will eventually lead you to the same. The genuine meaning of success is much more than having a lot of money, being wealthy, having lots of tangibles, and having acquired degrees. Quite the contrary: true success in life is judged by the number of individuals who are able to live a better and more evolved life as a result of what you did. The definition of success is living a happy life while also making the world a better place for everyone.


Success is not equal to happiness. Happiness and success are connected but they are not equated so easily.Yes, from success we get happiness but that’s not the case all the time as things change, so the context.  Most of us feel so delusional  because when  we are successful, we are still unhappy, we still feel hollow inside, so success is not equal to happiness. None of us want to be a failure.  Everyone strives for success, by nature.

The three Yard Sticks of success

 Majority of the definitions of success and if you measure it; end up in two or three areas: money; everyone needs money, and the more money you have, you feel more successful and the world also treats you with that kind of  respect; so money is a very big yardstick of success. 

The second important yardstick of success is power, you need to be someone powerful in the world to be called successful. 


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The third thing which has become very evident today is the last ten years and more  is the concept of fame and social influence. There are many people who are very influential in social media; they may not have the money or the power but they are influencers on a different world. So money, fame and power are the three yardsticks of successful people.  And if you have none of it then there is a problem and that’s what you are craving for. 

Another concept is a feeling; a feeling of under pressure to do something in life otherwise we feel like our life is a waste. It is a very bizarre concept but it is smouldering within us . The feeling of success these days is wanting everything and otherwise the life we are living is waste.  And another concept is an urgency to want everything now. There is nothing called patience of success anymore because all of us are living in this instant gratification world. 

Challenges of success

The challenges of the success are the following:- 

1) Success is not equal to happiness

2) No one in the world wants to be a failure, 

3) Everybody measure success in either money, power or influence

4) Wanting to do everything, so that my life would be perfect 

5) I want everything now and all these are the misinterpretations of success in the world. 

Frameworks to balance your definitions of success

Four points which make the framework of my definition of success according to my experiences are:-

  1. if you are doing something that excites you and it is giving you money to pay your bills  that is very important yardstick of success for me. 

   2) If you have a group of people who love and appreciate you; who eagerly wait for you to come back to them, like family and friends. You are very successful. 

  3)  If you are physically and mentally doing, well, according to me that’s a great successful life. 

 4) The fourth and the last important point is that when we work very hard for power, money and fame; we sometimes don’t realize that we miss out the greatest yardstick of successful life and that is life itself. As to be able to breathe, to be alive and being alive today is a sign of success.

 If you are waking up in the morning and you are grateful to god for being alive, that is a very big milestone of success. This framework balances your definition of success. 

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